Education in Lake Chapala

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The Basics of Education in Lake Chapala Lake Chapala has often been regarded as one of Mexico’s largest retirement communities for expats. This leads plenty of people to ignore the fact that it’s also an incredible destination for younger individuals. Although the area can be somewhat quiet and laid back at times; it also possesses … Read more

Internet Service

Internet Globe

Internet Service Lake Chapala and Surrounding Areas Internet access is a must-have for everyone, expats count on it for several reasons. What do I know about Internet access? I actually started the first ISP Lakeside back in 1997. Internet History Lakeside Back in 1995, there were only a couple of Internet service providers that offered … Read more


Joco Presidency

Living in Jocotepec Anyone moving to Lakeside is almost immediately ushered towards choosing the more popular areas; Chapala, San Antonio, and Ajijic. Although these are probably some of the most well-known towns; they should not be the only areas worth considering at the time of buying property. Some real estate agents are reluctant to even … Read more